About YWAM Truro

God has a plan and strategy for every person and every nation on the planet!

"People pursuing a God-given vision live with strategic intent. The vision virtually captures them. They no longer dream about what could happen.They become convinced that certain things must happen. They make choices as if each day held abiding value. They are not driven by obligation. They live in the dignity and liberty of knowing that they give their utmost forGod's purposes." Missions Perspectives Study Guide

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We are YWAM Truro. We are part of YWAM Canada. We focus on the least reached and mission mobilization. We have a heart to see teams launched into all the spheres of society and to the ends of the earth
The least reached are found primarily in the 10/40 window. It is a geographic area that stretches from Morocco to Japan. We participate, facilitate, and coordinate various activities that help achieve this goal. Locally, we encourage and partner with activities that several denominations are participating in; we facilitate short-term trips to the 10/40 Window; offer missions training; put on Ethnic Fairs and are available to teach and speak on a variety of missions related topics.

Our Story

The pioneering team here in Truro is made up of Maritimers who have spent time with YWAM Perth in Australia, YWAM Restenas in Sweden, and YWAM Strategic Frontiers, in Colorado Springs, USA. These have been our YWAM roots and that is one of the reasons why mega-cities, the least reached, and mobilization are such a core part of the vision. We returned to Canada and joined our YWAM Canada family because we felt so much like family with a shared vision. All the while, God has been speaking to us about Truro, His heart for Atlantic Canada, and His heart for the Church here.

Truro is where God has directed us to start a YWAM campus. It is a strategic location in Atlantic Canada. It is the hub of the Maritimes (distance to PEI, NB, NF ferry); it is the backdoor to the largest city in the region, Halifax; it is close to the international airport; it is small enough to easily get involved in the community. We want to have roots in Atlantic Canada so that we can work in the 10/40 and remain connected here. That is a healthy way to mobilize. A wise friend once said to us that we always need to ask “will Truro miss us when we go on outreach?” We want the answer to always be “yes.”

What is YWAM?

Our passion to know God and make Him known. YOUTH WITH A MISSION is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. We are currently operating in more than 1000 locations in over 150 countries, with a staff of nearly 16,000. This year YWAM celebrates their 50th anniversary. Learn more

Sphere (Domain) Focus

How do you begin to disciple a nation? (Matt 28:18-20). You begin by legitimately entering the domains, or spheres of society (the mind molders--read www.call2all.org for more information on this mission trend across organizations). The domains are family; church; public communications (media); celebration (arts, sports, film); economy (business, science, and technology); government (law, all levels of government); education. We in Truro encourage our staff to get involved in a domain here. Then, become involved in the same domain when in the 10/40.

UPG Focus

There are still 6000 unreached people groups in the world (unreached is less than 2% evangelical believer). Of those, there are 3400 people groups that no one is even trying to reach (Unengaged, unreached people groups). We have spent much of our time overseas among these people groups. These are the lost sheep! They have never even heard of a God that loves them, let alone being able to have a personal relationship with Jesus! Learn more (link to “least reached” page) about unreached and unengaged people groups or ask us!

Who is YWAM Canada?

YWAM Canada has been around almost since the beginning of YWAM. Our roots go back to 1964 when Loren Cunningham came to visit Canada and prayed across the land with some of his friends. We have been growing every since. Discover more