YWAM Truro is passionate about mobilizing people of all ages to go to the ends of the earth, sharing God's message of love, peace and justice. If you are sensing God's nudge, we want to do everything we can to make sure you have the opportunity to put it into practice. Whether you are interested in local opportunities or global ones, we can help you! We believe in a glocal approach to missions--you can do both. Transform your local region. Change the world by travelling and loving people wherever you go! What do you need? We can come to you! Let us help you to be more effective in your group or church’s endeavours. Whether you are taking first steps, want to raise awareness or want to build your team we can help you, contact us.

We come to you!

Ethnic Fairs
Travel the world in one night! Several booths will be set up around your facility. Each booth represents a country, such as India, China, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, or Cambodia. Your participants will have an opportunity to visit three of these booths to get a small taste and hear some stories from that location.

A typical Ethnic Fair is as follows:

  • 10 minute introduction and explanation
  • 12 minutes for a first rotation
  • 12 minutes for a second rotation
  • 12 minutes for a third and final rotation
  • 10 to 15 minute wrap-up
This will be a high activity hour that is guaranteed to get people thinking and talking about what you can do as a group!

Presentations and Training

We can tailor training and presentations to suit your needs. A few of our favourite topics are Purpose; Mission Basics; Globalization, Urbanization, Technology, and Missions ; Postmodernism and Global Youth Culture; Hearing God’s Voice; Team Building; Cross-Cultural Understanding; Evangelism; Discover Your Gifts and Use Them to Change the World; Mission Strategy for the Local Church. We can combine many of these sessions into a 1 Day/Weekend "DTS Experience" or teach a “Global Sunday School” class. Whether you want an evening presentation, a weekend training session, or some type of series, we can help.

Want to take your youth group, college group, Bible study, or church hockey team to the 10/40? click here.